idaretodisturb: Danny Kaye in THE COURT JESTER (Default)
Cilean Tohx ([personal profile] idaretodisturb) wrote2013-06-15 09:12 am

Call me Cilean.

I miss LJ, love-hate Tumblr, regularly blog on WP with my "real" name. Creating this blog seems to satisfy/alleviate most of my blogging concerns and stresses.

I'm a writer of fantasy and science fiction (YA and adult). By day, I sell used books and music (et al) to overly rich, misunderstanding suburbians, and by night I write books that they will probably never even hear of. I watch way too much Murder, She Wrote, and have seen the film Young Adult too many times to make sense. I also collect typewriters, and use my 1950 Royal Companion to craft my chapters and poetry. Danny Kaye is my comedic hero, and if you haven't seen The Court Jester (1956), you have missed out on some truly phenomenal parody.

This blog will be...something.

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